Matt Drudge’s ‘Future’ Is Now Realized, And That Has Legacy Media Enraged.

But, the rulers of legacy media think that they have a monopoly on truth. They believe they should decide who is a journalist and who is not. Citizen journalists are disdained by the legacy media from places like CNN, NBC, and MSNBC. Thus, the legacy media’s response to the summit has been one of smears and ugly insults, even potentially dangerous doxxing. This is because the legacy media now understands that their influence over the American people is all but dead thanks to the internet.  President Donald J. Trump’s election,  to colloquially put it, whacked the mainstream media upside the head. Now, they are taking vengeance on anybody who supports him.

Source: Matt Drudge’s ‘Future’ Is Now Realized, And That Has Legacy Media Enraged.

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Sorry but he’s correct.  The legacy media is akin to the “walking dead”.  Every time, another member of “We, The Sheeple” turns to the inet for “news”, they take another “cut” as in “death of a thousand cuts”.

If I was the boring old WSJ, I’d figure out how to take “micropayments”; rather than insisting on overpriced long subscription.  Another thing the old new papers are doing is “99¢” teaser rates.

Instead of the WSJ paywall, I’d have WSJ “story vending machine”.  When a non-subscriber comes up to read an article of interest, give them the first paragraph free and offer the rest for a fraction of cent. (That’s why micropayments are critical!) 1¢ = 0.0000010 of a bitcoin. (₿ * (10 ** – 6))

Think of it like a coin-operated newspaper kiosk.

I know I’d use such a technology.

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Ex- Obama Officials Admit NYT’s Tubman $20 Hit Piece Was Fake News

Last month, Breitbart News debunked the New York Times’ attempted hit piece, which framed Mnuchin as deliberately delaying the release of the Tubman $20 in order to avoid an embarrassing conflict with President Trump. The Times based its report on a conversation with an anonymous employee of the bureau, who claimed to have seen a digital image of the redesigned bill.

Source: Ex- Obama Officials Admit NYT’s Tubman $20 Hit Piece Was Fake News

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So the NYT is as untrustworthy as a source of “news”!

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault in Casablanca

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