Letters to the Editor

I’m 65 so it doesn’t affect me directly but I find this trend upsetting. I remember when 18 year olds gained the right to vote in 1971. at that time the age to make many decisions for oneself was lowered from age 21 to 18. Apparently they forgot how to stand up for themselves since then.

They have become a bunch of sheep, doing what the media tells them, standing up to spread socialism at the command of their masters. “If God didn’t want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep.”

Sometimes it looks as if the youth of America are being bamboozled into adopting an ovine state. The problem is that a libertarian society is meant for adults who are not domestic sheep and these youngster are not learning to be either wild or adults.

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If you’re old enough to sign up for the military, then you’re old enough to make decisions about smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. etc.

— 30 —

Driver Arrested, Charged After Repossession of Officer’s Car

When he appeared in court, the felony charge disappeared, replaced by misdemeanor charges of falsifying documents and possession of police scanners, allegations he denies.

Source: Driver Arrested, Charged After Repossession of Officer’s Car

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Want to bet that nothing happens to these “police officers”?

Seems “laws” are for the common folk; not the “Praetorian Guard”!


— 30 —