Gunsmith uses 19th Century technology to fight ridiculous gun laws

To comply with California’s ridiculously ineffective SB 880 gun law, AR-15 owners must use a fixed magazine. With this configuration, shooters must disassemble the firearm in order to load a second magazine. Gunsmiths across the country have been developing new concepts to sidestep these backwards laws. Mean Arms went the other direction and looked to […]

Source: Gunsmith uses 19th Century technology to fight ridiculous gun laws

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Meet the MA Loader, a detachable polymer loading device that attaches to the weapon’s ejection port. What’s basically a 10-round stripper clip in a plastic guide lets the shooter rapidly feed fresh rounds into the fixed magazine. After the MA Loader is removed the bolt slams shut and chambers the first round.

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I love when the “free market” satisfies demand and frustrates the Gooferment’s politicians and bureaucrats efforts.

— 30 — Solving the Homeless Situation in American Cities

Finally, I would eliminate government schools, which in the inner cities does nothing but destroy minds and spirit–and distorts the thinking of youth in all other non-inner city schools.I am, more and more, beginning to think that government schools are the most dangerous institutions in America. I would end government-funded “education” of all kinds, including for all public schools and for all voucher programs.

Source: Solving the Homeless Situation in American Cities

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Good luck with that.  I agree completely.  But the Gooferment Skrules are politically controlled by powerful unions that have the politicians and bureaucrats on a leash.  And, they are the closest thing to a national religion we have.


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Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions –

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  • The DEA classifies marijuana as a drug with no accepted medical use, akin to LSD and ecstasy (among others). But many turn to it for medical reasons, as do plaintiffs (a group of children and adults suffering from life-threatening medical problems), who sue the DEA to challenge its classification. Second Circuit (over a dissent): Alas, we cannot hear the case until you first ask the DEA to review it. But because the DEA is notoriously slow in reviewing classifications (petitions average nine years each), we will retain jurisdiction of this case so we can ensure speedy review.

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Where is the treasure? Where are the assets? Where’s the loot?

Source: Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions –

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Sounds like typical Gooferment bureaucrat “barbara streisand”!

The phrase “no accepted medical use” rings hollow when so many are using it as side-effect free pain reliever?

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