Dem Rep Illustrates Standard Anti-Gun Stupidity Following Virginia Beach

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Anti-gun politicians have a standard script they tend to follow in the wake of a mass shooting. It seems that no matter what gun control bill they’re advancing, that is the key to averting the mass shooting.

Source: Dem Rep Illustrates Standard Anti-Gun Stupidity Following Virginia Beach

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It’s not about lives to them, but legislation. Unless Nadler is a complete and total moron–a fact I’m not willing to rule out completely–he knows there’s not any information to suggest that HR8 would have made any difference in this shooting. None whatsoever. He just hopes that the voters are too freaking stupid to catch this fact.

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I often wonder about politicians and bureaucrats, who push their agendas and pet projects regardless of their applicability to the situation at hand.  I think we need a special adjective to describe this behavior and I can’t think of one that applies.

Maybe you the reader can help?

It’s worst than “dishonest”.  It’s worse than “despicable”.  It’s worse than “deplorable”.


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Attkisson: 10 Questions I’d Ask Robert Mueller (If I Were Allowed) | Zero Hedge

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Does it concern you that the FBI claimed “collection tool failure” in stating that 19,000 text messages between former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strozk had been deleted and were unavailable for review by the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general? Is it worth investigating how the inspector general was able to recover the messages, when the FBI said it could not? Does the FBI lack the technical expertise, or the will? Isn’t it a serious issue that should be addressed, either way?

Source: Attkisson: 10 Questions I’d Ask Robert Mueller (If I Were Allowed) | Zero Hedge

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If this IT guy was on Wall Street, he’d have been fired on the spot!

That’s only because having that person “drawn and quartered” is permitted.


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