Time to End All Foreign Aid – The Future of Freedom Foundation

Yes, foreign aid should be cut to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, and cut completely and permanently. But foreign aid should also be cut to Israel ($3.3 billion requested for 2019), Egypt ($1.38 billion requested for 2019), Jordan ($1.275 billion requested for 2019), Afghanistan ($632.8 million requested for 2019), and Kenya ($624.3 requested for 2019). Even the $100,000 earmarked for Suriname in 2019 should be withheld.

That is because not one penny should be taken from a single American taxpayer and given to foreign governments, U.S. contractors, NGOs, relief organizations, or individual foreigners.

If it is not the proper role of the U.S. government to provide charity, fight poverty, provide job training, undertake disaster relief, fight disease, feed the hungry, increase literacy, build infrastructure, and drill wells for Americans, then it is certainly inappropriate to do those things for foreigners.

Doling out foreign aid is one of the most blatantly unconstitutional things that Congress does. The list of powers granted to the federal government in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution includes nothing remotely related to foreign assistance. And there are no exceptions for natural disasters, humanitarian concerns, national interest, or political objectives.

Source: Time to End All Foreign Aid – The Future of Freedom Foundation

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Yup.  End it all.  “We” — “We, The Sheeple” — are broke and in debt!

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