Google Gmail tracks purchase history — how to delete it

Google tracks a lot of what you buy, even if you purchased it elsewhere, like in a store or from Amazon.Last week, CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a New York Times op-ed that said “privacy cannot be a luxury good.” But behind the scenes, Google is still collecting a lot of personal information from the services you use, such as Gmail, and some of it can’t be easily deleted.A page called “Purchases ” shows an accurate list of many — though not all — of the things I’ve bought dating back to at least 2012. I made these purchases using online services or apps such as Amazon, DoorDash or Seamless, or in stores such as Macy’s, but never directly through Google.

Source: Google Gmail tracks purchase history — how to delete it

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Aren’t they “helpful”?


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The Evil Income Tax – LewRockwell

It is imperative that we MUST eliminate the income tax. It is a purely a Marxist development that is destroying the world economy. The income tax has become such a tyranny that our liberty, freedom of movement, and world economic growth are all at great risk. Never before in the history of human civilization do we find an income tax.

Source: The Evil Income Tax – LewRockwell

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I completely agree.

“We, The Sheeple”, in that day and age, must have been out of their minds to allow this to happen.

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