RANT: End welfare if you love the poor



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Which brings me to my principal reason for opposing open immigration. Everywhere these newcomers go, encouraged by the likes of the politicians I have named, they change the culture, rather than become a part of it. I’m not entirely opposed to new elements of culture, and not every Mexican or South American is a robber or a rapist or a violent drug dealer, it’s true, but enough are to endanger the cultural home that our ancestors made for us, and damn few believe in the Constitution or the Rule of Law. Not every immigrant from the Middle East is a jihadist, but too many bring with them the unconstitutional mindset of Sharia Law, “honor” killings, death to homosexuals, and so forth. I have come to like the culture I live in, and the values it promotes. I don’t want to see it changed, especially to accommodate hostile strangers

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Two choices offered — build a wall OR end welfare — neither is very good but that’s all we are left with.


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Wait a minute….they’re both bad? Do you agree with the guy that says there shouldn’t be a wall at all, that it’s infringing on people’s liberties? Just use a smidgen of your imagination, to envision our country without a wall. We’ve had a small taste of it already with the wall not being complete nor totally effective, and you like those results? Like I say, just imagine with even less control on the border, it would end life in America as we have known it. And none of us would like it.

As for “ending” welfare, that is not bad….it depends on what you mean by “ending” it? To me, ending welfare means stopping women from walking in with 14 children behind them that they recruited from the neighborhood to claim as their own, and ripping us off. At one point in NYC, there were more children on the welfare rolls than there were in the recorded child population levels! I think the solution for welfare and healthcare is really quite simple. First, you take the government out of the healthcare business with one exception…..you create a fund that is used in extreme cases where people are sick and need care that have no other means to help themselves. They have to “apply” for support, and a board reviews their request for approval…case by case basis. For the rest of us, we shop healthcare from the various healthcare providers and select the best plan for us. Initially it would be difficult for many, but like the great free enterprise system over time the cream would rise to the top, competition would create great healthcare solutions at affordable prices. The corrupt, cheaters, non-skilled, etc etc would be uncovered and run out of business.

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My concern with the “wall” is I remember the Berlin Wall. That which prevents ingress can also prevent egress. I don’t trust the Gooferment remember.

My concern with “welfare” is that I remember the destruction of the black family due to “welfare rules” about the father living at home. I don’t trust the Gooferment remember.

To elaborate on welfare, the Gooferment can’t “do charity” morally (i.e., it has to steal wealth from victims to redistribute), efficiently (i.e., the administrative costs are worse than any of the corrupt Big Charities), or effectively (i.e., I’ve been told and show evidence that the Gooferment perversely does NOT want people to get off welfare). 

Not that I am NOT just against fraud and abuse but the whole concept. It’s a killer. Being poor should be painful to get folks to save themselves from the Gooferment “plantation”. TO be effective, and efficient, charity must be private and personal. (IMHO) I formed this opinion years ago from http://www.acton.org/public-policy/effective-compassion/seven-principles-century-ago which really struck a chord.

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And, from what I have seen, Gooferment “welfare” gives you enough to starve. Argh!

Your comments are welcome if you can change my mind. 

p.s, yelling or name calling is unlikely to do that.

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2 thoughts on “RANT: End welfare if you love the poor

  1. Sorry, I am a wall guy. Perhaps spending all those years in the trenches of the South Bronx, Central Brooklyn, North Harlem and Southern Washington Heights jaded me on illegal immigration, dog fighting, underage porostitution, welfare fraud, medicaid fraud, medicare fraud, and drug gangs. I see the wall as a necessary evil. If you still want to escape, go North young man, you do not (except in certain parts of Quebec province) even have to learn another language.

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