GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Women don’t need Gooferment “protection”

A blog post from Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957)

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You have to admire Iceland. They are always a step ahead.

Following the bank debacle of 2008, they prosecuted and jailed bankers. Those at the top. Something I have been recommending for years we do in the U.S.

They elect women big time. Almost 50 percent of their Parliament is female. They elected a woman Prime Minister in November.

Iceland recently passed a law that allows companies who pay women less than men to be punished. Fined. No jail. A step forward, however.

Equal pay laws have no teeth. They tell the companies females must be paid equal to men. Enforcement lacking. Iceland recognized the problem and moved the step ahead.

It is generally acknowledged the law would not have come into being were it not for the large number of women in Parliament. 

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Equal pay laws are a joke.

The invisible hand of the free market will quickly, efficiently, and effectively punish companies that underpay women. It’s only logical. If a business systematically underpays anyone, they will leave for someone who will pay them what they are worth.

That brain drain will hurt in numerous ways  — cost of replacement, poor morale, loss of competitive advantage, bad image, impaired reputation.

The Gooferment probably is the worst offender in this regard. Politicians and bureaucrats routinely are exposed for pay disparities, but they always seem to spin their way out of it. Women don’t need “protection” and especially not from the Gooferment! Those “gals” are pretty tough imho.

Now if we could just end Gooferment Skrules, then both the girls and boys would not be brainwashed to think like serfs. Argh!

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