INOVATION: Happy “Underwear Day”?

Underwear Day
Posted on December 16, 2017

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It’s not exactly a holiday, but today was Underwear

Day. Every two years or so I throw out all my socks, all my underwear, and most of my t-shirts, and start over.

Three dozen socks (all matching), three dozen boxer briefs, and three dozen black t-shirts. One pass through Costco and I’m pretty much done for the next two years.

Are some socks still good after two years? Some, not many. My rather oversize feet tend to wear socks and shoes out pretty quickly.

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So…every two years I scrap the whole thing and start over. One benefit to this policy is that I don’t have to match socks. In fact, if I get a hole in one sock I can toss it, keep the good one, and just mix it in with the others….they’re all identical.

It’s a very guy way to buy clothes.

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What a great idea!

If I wasn’t so “thrifty”, I could throw out stuff that was not EOL! (That “end of life” for my one Luddite reader.)

I do like the no matching. I have a pile of “orphans”.

Maybe if I was  thin, young, and handsome (again), then I could do it.

Wonder how he handles it when you need brown socks for your “brown” outfits?

Hmmmm, maybe that’s the draw back.


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P.S.: Seasonal Greetings from a grinch!

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