VETERANS: Setting and meeting tougher standards


Army Strong 
The U.S. Army’s decades-old physical-fitness test could get more physical soon, with the aim of encouraging more-practical training and preventing injury. Among the six events in the proposed overhaul of the Army Combat Readiness Test: a barbell lift, a sprint with 40-pound kettlebells and a brutal new style of push-up. With one set of passing standards and no adjustments for age or gender, it reflects a U.S. military where all combat jobs are now open to women. The test would be a dramatic shift for the Army, long a bellwether of civilian health and fitness. Tens of thousands of soldiers can’t be deployed because of injuries, Army leaders say, many caused by poor physical fitness.

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Finally, some common sense in this crazy “politically correct” world!

I don’t want unfit men OR women who can’t deploy. It just makes it dangerous for everyone.

For the jobs where you sit on your butt all day, outsource them to civilians.

AND, why not make the physical items as part of shaping the force in terms of retention.

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