TINFOILHAT: Did Hitler escape to South America?


How the CIA ‘found’ Hitler alive in Colombia in 1954: Agency was told about man with a VERY familiar face who lived in an ex-SS community where he was called The Fuhrer and given Nazi salutes, declassified files show

  • Declassified CIA report details claims that Hitler lived in Colombia in the 1950s
  • Phillip Citroen, a former SS officer, told agents the dictator was living in the town of Tunja, 85 miles north of Bogota, among a group of former Nazis in 1954
  • Citroen said the men called him The Fuhrer, gave him Nazi salutes and ‘afforded him storm-trooper adulation’
  • He even provided a photograph showing a man with a strong likeness of Hitler

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline
PUBLISHED: 09:10 EDT, 31 October 2017 | UPDATED: 09:46 EDT, 31 October 2017

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After speaking with Cimelody, agents decided to write the information into a formal report which was sent to their superiors ‘as of possible interest’.

However, the report was accompanied by another letter which says: ‘It is felt that enormous efforts could be expended on this matter with remote possibilities of establishing anything concrete.

‘Therefore, we suggest that this matter be dropped.’

Thousands of Nazis are believed to have fled to South America after the collapse of the Third Reich, including Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s Angel of Death, and Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust.

*** end quote ***

Given all the money that the Gooferment wastes, one would think root out ALL of these “thousands of Nazis” would have been a priority? 

Oh, I guess because they weren’t rocket scientists the Gooferment wasn’t interested. After all they were only war criminals and mass murderers.


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