POLITICAL: “The Handmaid’s Tale” protesters included a man?


The humiliating truth about the NH House ‘Handmaids’

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On Thursday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on a fetal homicide bill, Senate Bill 66 (SB 66), that seeks justice for unborn babies who are killed in a violent act. The unborn baby would apply to those who are viable, after 5 months of pregnancy, and the bill specifically states that pregnant mothers, abortion doctors or anything that results as an intentional termination of the pregnancy due to medical causes, are not part of this legislation.

In other words, if an unborn baby of a mother, who plans on birthing her child, is murdered or killed whether intentionally or unintentionally by another human being, the mother can seek justice for the death of her unborn child. Currently, if an unborn baby is murdered in the mother’s womb, there is no justice.

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Aside from the complete ignorance of the legislation by these women, who clearly prefer women abort their children rather than give birth, they obviously haven’t actually read The Handmaid’s Tale. It is a fiction book written by Margaret Atwood in 1985.

Atwood describes a society in which religious extremists take over the country (at one point even mentioning Islamic terrorism) and deeming women as second-class citizens unable to work, have their own money or have any rights (men also lose rights as well, it’s based on class, in an Authoritarian, Communist sort of irony). The true hypocrisy of these embarrassing New Hampshire House Democrats is the book perfectly describes Islamic regimes all over the world. The same regimes that were supported and propped up by their beloved Obama Administration as well as Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State.

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You just have to shake your head at the ignorance of some “protesters”.

Not only didn’t they get their protest correct (i.e., it wasn’t about restricting abortion), but they diverted attention from Islamic regimes all over the world and how they treat women.

Sigh! And there was a man dressed up like a woman? Did they run out of women or perhaps, most women understand that violence against the unborn is immoral?

No solutions here. Just some very confused people.

If they were any more stupid, they’d have to be watered twice a week.

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