RANT: “Not the ballot box, but the other box.”


by keywestlou

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The 19th Amendment was passed this day [JR: 6/4] around 1918. Gave women the right to vote.

I am a student of history. I find it amazing that men have always tried to keep women down. Treat them as second class citizens.

Women have had to fight every step of the way. They still are fighting men who oppose their right to control their own bodies.

The wives of such political leaders should deny their husbands marital rights for a period each time they do some asinine anti-female thing.

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REMINDS me of what I wrote in my ‘magnum opus’ “CHURCH 10●19●62”:

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“Yes, when we get out of here. We’re going to have to fix that. You know we control something that can get it done. Not the ballot box, but the other box. (A giant sucking sound as pure Miss Marie used that very rude idiom.) We can end war.”

—  character “Marie” being anti-war in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 262 

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Still true.

Why don’t “our” women here in the USA exercise their political might to be pro-peace pro-life pro-liberty?

Could it be that they are “delusional” and not understand the problem?


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