RANT: About DUI laws

“DUI” should only be when there is a real injury. Then, throw the proverbial “book” at them.

For example, why should a free man have to worry about prosecution for “possessing”anything? In what way does the mere fact of “possession” entail a harm caused to some other person?

How is it that a free man can be told – at gunpoint – what he may not put into his body?

I refer, of course, to the lunacy that is the “war” on some (arbitrarily decided upon) “drugs.”

Of all the many things wrong with America, this is perhaps the most obvious – and yet, the one most people seem to have trouble appreciating. A cop who drinks alcohol – who possesses and consumes this drug – is legally empowered to throw people in a cage for possessing or consuming that drug.

Or even if not.

And don’t get me started on the whole aspect of the rationale for these drug arrests — “civil forfeiture”. See it’s all about stealing money to feed the Gooferment’s endless desire to spend more.


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