HEALTH: Smallpox And Columbian Exchange

Smallpox And Columbian Exchange

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Smallpox can be spread by bodily fluids or objects that have been contaminated. To date, it is the only disease that has been eradicated.

In the 1500s, during the Columbian Exchange between Europe and the New World, smallpox devastated Native inhabitants, killing up to 90 percent of the population. This disease was also used as a method for biological warfare by European explorers who were colonizing the Americas. Native populations had no built up immunity to the diseases that Europeans brought over and were torn apart by the virus. Entire civilizations were wiped out, taking with them cultures, forms of art, and languages that are now lost forever.

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I focused on the “only disease that has been eradicated”.

That’s an interesting assertion.

What about polio?

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