TINFOILHAT: Not Even Simplest Questions Answered?


‘It’s Been 15 Years. Not Even Simplest Questions Answered’ – 9/11 Survivor to RT
RT News
September 12, 2016 

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DeSantis finds it staggering that Saudi Arabia was “granted sovereign immunity” despite so much evidence pointing in its direction.

“Since when do you afford sovereign immunity to a foreign country involved in terrorist attacks upon your country that kills tens of thousands, not just the 3,000 that they claimed that day, which I don’t believe as I think it was higher, but those who have died later from their injuries and their illnesses,” he said.

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Seems like it!

We need to get to the “true story”.

Was this like the Reichstag fire?


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One thought on “TINFOILHAT: Not Even Simplest Questions Answered?

  1. What is it with this taking the 5th? I have never agreed with that…if you are going to incriminate yourself, so be it, the truth is the truth. I think that option is just one more example of people today not wanting anyone to feel bad or get hurt…no accountability. Sad sad. What is the purpose for it? Is that it?….just so you can protect yourself from something that you deserve in the first place?

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