RANT: Colin Kaepernick is a flyspeck and not the issue we have to face

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Received a forwarded email  from a relative with a lot of picture meme, mostly from Facebook, about Colin Kaepernick. Since I have no life, I immediately took issue with the importance of this fellow.
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Dear Usual:
Of course, he has the right to protest in any manner he sees fit.
While we have many many “problems” in this country, we have the opportunity to change.
Over my lifetime, I have shifted politically from “right” to little L libertarian. At the same time the country seems to have shifted from “right” to “left” while losing it’s collecting soul and in some instances mind.
I don’t know how we get back to the Dead Old White Guys’ vision to a land of peace and prosperity. But making this fellow either a scapegoat for misplaced anger, or anything more than the trivial spoiled individual who seeking his “identity”, is a wasted misplaced effort.
Hence, I’d like to focus on the big issues and what can we do to change them. Most notably, the welfare / warfare state which is besieged by Crony Capitalists, politicians, and bureaucrats that suck the system dry.
I’d start by bringing all the girls and boys home from these foreign mistakes until we have a real national unity about spilling blood and spending treasure. Then, I’d eliminate “welfare” for everyone — corporations and individuals — politicians and “fat cats” alike — and reset the Nation on the path of fiscal responsibility and individual responsibility. Tough love for America might, just might, recapture the American dream.
I regret that it’s the posterity that will inherit our hubris.
Dona Nobis Pacem
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Kaepernick has an African American father but was raised by a white couple alongside their children after being put up for adoption.



















































































































































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