VETERANS: VA back in the news — not for a good reason

Report Finds Sharp Increase in Veterans Denied V.A. Benefits

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The rising proportion of ineligible veterans is largely due to the military’s increasing reliance on other-than-honorable discharges, which have been used as a quick way to dismiss troubled men and women who might otherwise qualify for time-consuming and expensive medical discharges.

The G. I. Bill instructed the veterans agency to care for veterans if their service was “other than dishonorable.” The agency interpreted this as excluding “other than honorable” discharges.

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Three things jump off the page at me:

(1) Isn’t it convenient that they interpret the law to reduce the “veterans” expense!

(2) Once a vet is in the fight and gets hurt, why are they excluded from care? If they’d have been left home, then they might not have had that bad experience.

(3) Isn’t it all about money?

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One Response to VETERANS: VA back in the news — not for a good reason

  1. Scott Silvay says:

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

    Not one employee I know, particularly combat veterans, understand this interpretation. As always the suits in DC who are detached not only from veterans but from reality dictate who we serve. Local leadership has no wiggle room for interpretation. Congress has been aware of this for decades and they did nothing to change it when they wrote the post 9/11 GI Bill. Bureaucracy at its worst.

    Scott Silvay

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