LIBERTY: The FCC is another unconstitutional out-of-control Gooferment appendage

FCC Expands it’s Powers Over the Internet
By Jason Stapleton –  Apr 1, 2016

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I remember when I first warned about the FCC’s talks about regulating the internet. I took more heat for my position on that issue than any other issue we’ve discussed.  I, of course, warned everyone that this was not, as the FCC suggested, an effort to “keep the internet free” but rather was a massive power grab by the government to regulate an industry it had no business overseeing.

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Jason (correctly) points out the abuses and corruption of the FCC.

First, they are immune to Congressional oversight of their budget because they fund themselves out of the “fees” and “fines” that they themselves “legislates”. 

Second, they are “regulating” to “keep the internet free”. “barbara streisand”!

Third, they play the poor and children as proxies for their “bleeding heart” liberalism.


No one “needs” the FCC!

It’s an unconstitutional infringement.


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