INTERESTING: Flaws from “The Walking Dead” last night

‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Negan Makes His Mark in Bloody Debut (SPOILERS)
 News Editor Laura Prudom News Editor @lauinla 
APRIL 3, 2016 | 07:35PM PT 

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Negan then proceeded to play his sadistic game, but the final moments of the episode switched to the perspective of his victim, showing Negan bringing down Lucille on someone’s head. As the casualty’s vision blurred and ears began to ring, blood dripped down the camera before the screen cut to black, even as the audio kept playing the sounds of impact and the rest of the survivors’ screams. Ouch.

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Sorry, but you don’t go blundering around “looking” for trouble.

Guess none of the survivors ever had any military training or even read any of the many field manuals.


A sniper could have wiped out any of the ambushes. 

Wouldn’t you put scouts out ahead of your advance?

How about NOT driving blindly down a road with high banks on either side of the narrow road and then act surprised that there’s an ambush?


I have read a lot and even written in the genre “Post Apocalyptic World Fiction” aka PAW. This is lame! If it was presented to the “survivalist” community, then it’d be laughed off the bulletin board.

IMHO if this is “successful” PAW, even if it is on the off brand AMC cable channel, then the viewers are very uncritical or uncaring.


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One Response to INTERESTING: Flaws from “The Walking Dead” last night

  1. Skullrattle says:

    Good point. I guess it’s the way it’s written in the comics. It was okay and still suspenseful. Lame we have to wait now till new season to see what happened. I think the show is popular enough where they don’t really need to end on such a big cliffhanger.

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