VETERANS: Women are too valuable to waste in the military

Women in the Military
By Walter E. Block
December 21, 2015

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There is another focus from which to view this new initiative of promoting female participation in the military other than the libertarian. This is the biological. Women are the limitation of population, and its growth. It is not for nothing that the farmer keeps 50 cows and one bull, rather than the reverse. If there were 50 bulls, 49 of them would be superfluous. If there were one cow, all the bulls in the world could not by one iota increase the size of the flock.  In other words, females, at the margin, are much more important for increasing the size of the human race. They are the precious limitation on population growth. Why is the latter to be preferred?  That is because in order to create another Mozart, or Mises, or Einstein, or Rothbard, or Salk, or Bach, or Gates, we need millions of new babies. The more of them the better. If we are ever to occupy the Moon and Mars and eventually colonize worlds in other solar systems, we shall need lots of human beings. But in order to accomplish this goal, women, not men, are required (always at the margin). Men are relatively speaking, good cannon fodder. Women are too important, again from this biological point of view, to be wasted in any such manner. In World War Two, the Russians and the Germans inflicted heavy blows on each other.  There were hardly any healthy men left standing afterwards of child-bearing age. Yet, after this conflagration, they were never missed, at least not in terms of population growth. Any woman who wanted to become pregnant, such is the human condition, had little or no difficulty achieving this goal. Imagine, instead, that this war had been fought only or mainly by females, with the males taking on the role of civilians (in those quaint times, non-combatants were less targeted than in the modern era). Then, there would have been hardly any healthy women left upright afterwards. What would have happened to the population in these two countries? To ask this is to answer it: there would have been virtually no new generation.

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Bottom line: Bring all the girls and boys home now!

And, women are too valuable to waste in the military.

Barefoot and pregnant is NOT the message.

Keep them safe because without them there ain’t no human race.

If that makes me a “neanderthal”, then I guess I am.


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