GOVEROTRAGEOUS: While shooting Cecil was immoral; regulations are just dumb

Obama administration enacts protections for lions
Published December 21, 2015  Associated Press

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WASHINGTON –  The Obama administration says it’s extending Endangered Species Act protections to two breeds of African lions.

The listings will be announced Monday and include an order that appears to touch on circumstances surrounding the killing of a well-known lion named Cecil earlier this year. 

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Yeah, with all the problems that the USA has, this was important to do?

How does that improve the world?

Don’t get me wrong. I think shooting Cecil was immoral. If you’re going to go kill a lion to prove you’re a “man”, then do it like the Zulu “boys” have to do it — alone, with a short eighteen inch spear, and a small shield made of reeds. Then, you’re a man … … or lunch for the lion! Shooting the poor dumb thing — although lions are regarded amount the Zulu and Masai as cunning and smart — from 500 yards with a precision rifle is hardly an indication of manhood. I have read that these “hunters” don’t even carry their own rifles. Having humped awhile on practice hike in the military with a light scout rifle, toting a heaving big caliber hunting rifle around on a lion “hunt” would make for a early night. 


But back to BHO44 and the Gooferment. It’s just dumb and a waste of ink.


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