GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Wrong Diagnosis, Wrong Treatment! Fast and stupid.

CA Shooting Reaction: Wrong Diagnosis, Wrong Treatment
written by daniel mcadams
thursday december 3, 2015

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The police had no motive and no suspects in custody after yesterday’s shooting in California, yet those pressure groups with agendas were already demanding that Muslims be spied on and guns be confiscated. The media, as per usual, amplified every unsubstantiated rumor and outright falsehood about the San Bernardino shooting to keep people glued to their television and glued to their seats. There is little concern about accuracy or journalistic responsibility. The president jumps out ahead of the news and criticizes guns. These tragic events are tools in the hands of those who want to destroy our civil liberties. More on this real threat to our way of life in today’s Liberty Report:

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BHO44 and Hillary were stumbling over themselves to get “gun control” on the agenda.

Peplos Republic of Nu Jerzee Republican senators voted to override the Governor’s gun control veto so as to be seen as “doing something”.

The main stream lame stream media were first blaming right wing white guys before surprising the shooters Muslim connections.

The FBI wouldn’t label it terrorism.

Neither the local police or the FBI sealed off the terrorists’ apartment to preserve evidence and possibly link others to them (i.e., fingerprints; dna; documents).

The Keystone Kops could do better.


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