RANT: Linking artificial sweeteners to bad results


Is Drinking Diet Soda Really Bad for Your Health?
The answer may surprise you
By Barbara Minton
Natural Society
July 18, 2015

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So why does this happen? To put it simply: artificial sweeteners. Zero-calorie sweeteners make drinks up to 600 times more sweet than regular sugar, setting the bar for satiation at a much higher level. Another consideration is that fake sugars can change the friendly bacteria living in the gut in ways that would increase susceptibility to the insulin resistance and glucose intolerance that precedes a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Women drinking two or more diet sodas a day experienced a 30% decline in their kidney function over the course of only a decade, says another study. Those researchers found that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose were to blame for the rapid degeneration of kidney filtration rates.

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Renown Dr. Morando Soffritti recently confirmed what other scientists had observed as much as 30 years ago, documenting that consuming aspartame leads to a host of illness and disease that includes malignant tumors, lymphoma, leukemia, and premature death.

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If I’d know this 30 years ago when it was a proven risk, then maybe I could have gotten my wife to stop drinking it.

Leukemia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other side effects!

Someone should be hung.

Anyone care to tell me that the FDA is there to protect us?


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