POLITICAL: The death panels are back?


Will Your Doctor Include Nutritional Therapy In End-Of-Life Discussions?
Medicare To Incentivize Death By Paying Doctors For End-Of-Life Talks
By Bill Sardi
July 13, 2015

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End-of-life consultations

Will your physician be recommending vitamin C, vitamin D, fish oil or vitamin B1 to your loved ones with hopeless terminal diseases?  I sincerely doubt they will.   Doctors say nutritional therapy is unproven, but it is certainly not disproven. 

Even if these nutritional therapies are of marginal benefit, they are non-toxic and inexpensive.  Even if just palliative (relieving pain or alleviating other discomfort) they would serve Medicare patients better than expensive toxic therapies.

Why is conventional medicine so reticent to conduct more convincing larger studies that employ nutritional therapy especially among terminal patients who have little or no hope? 

You can see from the evidence presented here, by not putting nutritional science into practice they are already culling the population and reducing Medicare costs by neglectful attrition.

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The joke at the VA hospitals among old vets is that their doc is trying to kill them.

The joke at the Indian (Gooferment) hospital system is not to get sick in the last half of the year when they run out of funds.

Sarah Palin was excoriated for mentioning “death panels”.

But now the system is broke (by any measure — debt, deficit, or dishonest money — and they have to reach into their bag of tricks which only contains one thing — kill the old and sick.


How dumb are “We, The Sheeple”?


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