GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Streamline permit process means less bureaucrats needed?

Eleven Reforms to Extend America’s Energy Advantage
Oren Cass | 07/08/2015 

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Now may seem an odd time to emphasize the importance of increasing U.S. oil and gas production. Domestic output has reached an all-time high, prices have plummeted, and drilling activity is slowing in response. Job cuts in the industry are approaching 100,000. Headlines announce that the boom has already gone bust.

Yet failing to press America’s current energy advantage would be an enormous mistake. Demand forecasts indicate that any oil and gas glut is temporary. Further, U.S. energy policy, still based on an assumption of resource scarcity, is ill equipped to manage the new abundance. Indeed, America’s private sector has driven an oil and gas revolution in the face of an ambivalent federal policy.

A new report released today presents 11 reforms to help craft a smarter U.S. energy policy. Reforms 1-5 would amplify the boom, by enacting regulatory reforms to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of U.S. energy markets. Reforms 6-11 would extend the boom, by opening federal land and waters to energy development to replicate the extraordinary growth of tight oil.

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4. Streamline permitting for natural-gas and crude oil export terminals. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has specifically cited the “number of permits and reviews required by federal and state law” as a cause of delays. Designate these natural-gas and crude oil export terminals in the public interest, without a need for case-by-case review, and enact a single approval process with clear timelines.

5. Exempt new and expanded natural-gas plants, new and expanded refineries, and new drilling sites and export terminals from the Clean Air Act’s and Clean Water Act’s new-source requirement. These heightened standards discourage refineries from retooling or expanding to accommodate new volumes and types of crude, weakening America’s energy advantage. Instead, existing standards should be applied to new energy projects.

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Like that is ever going to happen.

The Keystone pipeline was entangled in a permitting process that made no sense to me as a Business Process engineer. Unless it was designed to slow, confuse, and frustrate.

How many bureaucrats does it take to say “hell, no”.


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TINFOILHAT: Is there gold in Fort Knox?

Koos Jansen
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 by Koos Jansen
Former US Mint Director Clueless On Gold In Fort Knox
The Curious Case Of Edmund C. Moy

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1.3. The Gold In Fort Knox Is Not Yearly Audited

Quote three, “So once a year the US Mint police coordinates with the Treasury Inspector General, and coordinates with the Mint chief financial officer, and they have to audit the gold. When you take a look at these bars, each one is numbered. They have to be taken out, counted, and assayed, to make sure they still have everything in it that they’re supposed to. When it’s all done they’re put back in in the same order as they have been taken out. So when you take a look at these vaults, again I can’t tell you how much is in there and how they’re organized, but there is a lot of bricks in there.”

This is simply not true. The official story from OIG is that 100 % of the gold stored at Fort Knox was audited in between 1974 and 1986, although there is no US government department that has the audit reports – for more information please read my post US Government Lost 7 Fort Knox Gold Audit Reports. To repeat myself, after the gold was audited by the Continuing Audit committee all compartments were placed under Official Joint Seal. Currently, the OIG is said to inspect the seals every year, that’s all they do. Apparently Moy has always been unaware of the audit procedures at the US Mint while he was the Director of this institution and presents himself as an expert. Did Moy have any sight or control over the Deep Storage gold when he was in office?

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What is there? And, probably, more importantly, who has claims on it?

The essence of having a ‘tin foil hat’ is to ask simple questions for which there is no credible answer. A tin foil hat doesn’t need to have an answer; just the question.

Here’s a great story that takes Edmund C. Moy’s freely made statements and points out the inconsistencies.


And, once again, no one in the Elite feels any need to answer any Mundane’s question.

Eventually, “the Truth” comes out, but by then the villains have escaped justice.

Wilson knew that the Lusitania was carrying war contraband but needed an excuse to enter WW1.

FDR knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor but need an excuse to hide his economic failures with the Great Depression and wanted to use WW2 to restart the economy.

Truman knew that the Japanese wanted to surrender but he wanted to use the nukes.

LBJ killed JFK to prevent his peace initiatives and all the warfare / welfare state power elite covered it up.

And, on and on, … …

So before you condemn all the tin foil hats, think a little about the questions that we pose.

AND, more importantly, the implications on your liberty.

Scared yet?

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