POLITICAL: Modern day zombies


Don’t Feed the Zombies…
By Bill Bonner
Bonner & Partners
July 11, 2015

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Simpleminded Narratives

But these headline reports give you only the public stories –simpleminded narratives that even voters can understand.

The hidden story – and the real story – is that these are all clashes, battles, and skirmishes in the Great Zombie War.

On the one side: honest workers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and households.

On the other: fixers, meddlers, thieves, layabouts, and criminals.

Is it really that easy to understand?

Probably not. But it helps us put things in perspective.

Take the proposal for a higher minimum wage. The Financial Times (Britain’s equivalent of the Wall Street Journal) is usually wrong about everything. But it is right today: “Politicians cannot ‘magic up’ a national pay boost.”

From the dawn of time until the moment you read this, politicians have never added one single cent to the wealth of the world.

They can move it around. They can suppress it. They can steal it and destroy it. But if you could add wealth by legislation, they would have gotten the hang of it long ago.

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I always use the taxonomy — makers versus takers.

This introduces a new distinction to it — makers, takers, and politicians.

The “politicians” enable the “takers” to take and they get power by enabling their behavior.

How do the “makers” ever win?

It’s like having a parasite on a host. In some cases, like this one, eventually the parasites will kill the host.

I think the “makers” have to engage in peaceful non-violent non-cooperation. Oppose EVERY extension of political power over “We, The Sheeple”. REGARDLESS of how beneficial it sounds.

I’ll use the example of Obama-SCOTUS-care. It was not about “health”, “health care”, “health care insurance”, but something else! Control.

FDR’s WW2 Wage and Price Controls screwed up the “health insurance” marketplace by tying one’s health insurance to your employment. This was done with the Gooferment’s perverse tax code.

Your life insurance, car insurance, pet insurance has nothing to do with your emplyment. Hence it’s cheap and easy and competitive marketplace. 

Why is health insurance any different?

Because the Gooferment want to control the Sheeple.


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