POLITICAL: VAT – the end of Rand Paul’s candidacy for me


FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015

EXPOSED Rand Paul’s Call for a Value Added Tax (In addition to a Flat Personal Income Tax)

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Much focus has been put on Rand Paul’s call yesterday for a 14.5% flat personal income tax. The reporting often stops there, As in: The tax would be 14.5% across the board flat personal income tax, down from as much as 40%, but there is much more to the story,

In addition, to the flat personal income tax, Rand, in his WSJ op-ed that revealed his plan, also called for a value added tax on top of the flat personal tax.

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That’s the end of Rand Paul’s candidacy for me.

Remember the income tax was originally supposed to replace all tariffs.

And for FOUR years there were no tariffs.

Then BANG! Tariffs were reimposed.

No new taxes. No shell games to give “District of Corruption” more spending money.


Rand is NOTHING like his Dad Ron.


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