LIBERTARIAN: End the “Selective Service System”

No Conscription. Ever. Unconditionally.
by DON BOUDREAUX on JUNE 16, 2015

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This market method of recruiting workers works for every other sort of business. When convenience stores (which are very dangerous places to work) need more workers, no one frets about the nation being “underserved” because of a shortage of convenience-store clerks – and no one proposes that the government, to protect against this possibility, conscript people to work in convenience stores. Instead, the pay of such store clerks rises. Problem solved. Ditto for fishing boats (also very dangerous places to work). And ditto for local police, fire-fighting, and EMS forces. Ditto for every other job you can name.

If every job other than those in a national-government’s military is routinely filled without problem or concern by market forces, I see zero reason to worry that jobs in the U.S. military cannot continue to be filled in the same way.

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So why does the USA keep the “draft” aka “selective service” (meaning if you’re not rich and politically connected you’ll get “selected”!)?

Jobs for politicians’ relatives and bureaucrats!

And if we ever do have to mount a defense, then there be more than enough patriots.

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