GUNS: Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was a “gun free zone”?

Gun-free zones an easy target for killers
By John R. Lott
Published June 18, 2015

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The horrible tragedy last night that left nine people dead at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., probably could have been avoided. Like so many other attacks, the massacre took place in a gun-free zone, a place where the general public was banned from having guns. The gun-free zone obviously didn’t stop the killer from bringing a gun into the church.

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Time after time, we see that these killers tell us they pick soft targets. With just two exceptions, from at least 1950, all the mass public shootings have occurred in these gun-free zones. From last summer’s mass public killers in Santa Barbara and Canada, to the Aurora movie theater shooter, these killers made it abundantly clear in their diaries or on Facebook how they avoided targets where people with guns could stop them.

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The gun control debate would probably be dramatically different if even some of the news stories would occasionally mention that another attack has occurred in a gun-free zone. I have been able to find just one Associated Press story that mentions an attack occurred in a gun-free zone — a recent attack at a mall this year in Pittsburgh.

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Yet, BHO44, Hillary, and the leftist liberal media all want more gun control.

Never let a crisis go to waste?


Concealed carry saves innocent lives at zero cost.

It’s predictable.

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