1. Name Nickname

2. Company name

3. Address Home address

4. Telephone: Business Home::

5. Birth date: Place Hometown

6. Height (approx.) Weight (approx.)



7. High school Year graduated

8. College Degrees Year graduated College honors

9. College fraternity/sorority Sports

10. College extracurricular activities

11. If customer didn’t attend college, is he/she sensitive about it? _________

12. Military service Discharge rank Attitude toward being in the service



13. Spouse’s name and occupation

14. Spouse’s education

15. Spouse’s interests

16. Anniversary

McKay 66 file:///Users/reinkefj/Desktop/mckay66w.htm

34. Clubs, fraternal associations or service clubs (masons, kiwanis, etc.)

35. Politically active? Party Important to customer?

36. Active in community? How?

37. Religion Active?

38. Highly confidential/sensitive items not to be discussed with customer (i.e.: Divorce, aa member, etc.)

39. On what subjects (outside of business) does the customer have strong feelings? 



40. Medical history (current condition of health)

41. Does customer drink? If yes, what and how much?

42. If no, is customer offended by others drinking?

43. Does customer smoke? If no, object to others?

44. Favorite places for lunch: Dinner

45. Favorite items on menu

46. Does customer object to having anyone buy his/her meal?

47. Hobbies and recreational interests

48. Vacation habits

49. Spectator sports interest: sports and teams

50. What kind of car(s)

51. Conversational interests

52. Whom does the customer seem anxious to impress?

53. How does he/she want to be seen by those people?

54. What adjectives would you use to describe the customer?

55. What is he/she most proud of having achieved?

56. What do you feel is the customer’s long-range, personal objective?

57. What do you feel is the customer’s immediate personal goal?

The Customer and You


58. What moral or ethical considerations are involved when you work with this customer?

59. Does the customer feel any obligation to you, your company or your competition? If so, what?

60. Does the proposal you plan to make to him/her require the customer to change a habit or take an action that is contrary to custom?

61. Is he/she primarily concerned about the opinion of others?

62. Is he/she very self-centered? Highly ethical?

63. What are the key problems as the customer sees them?

64. What are the priorities of the customer’s management?

65. Can you help with these problems?

66. Does your competitor have better answers to the above questions than you have?

— 30 —


POLITICAL: VAT – the end of Rand Paul’s candidacy for me

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015

EXPOSED Rand Paul’s Call for a Value Added Tax (In addition to a Flat Personal Income Tax)

*** begin quote ***

Much focus has been put on Rand Paul’s call yesterday for a 14.5% flat personal income tax. The reporting often stops there, As in: The tax would be 14.5% across the board flat personal income tax, down from as much as 40%, but there is much more to the story,

In addition, to the flat personal income tax, Rand, in his WSJ op-ed that revealed his plan, also called for a value added tax on top of the flat personal tax.

*** end quote ***

That’s the end of Rand Paul’s candidacy for me.

Remember the income tax was originally supposed to replace all tariffs.

And for FOUR years there were no tariffs.

Then BANG! Tariffs were reimposed.

No new taxes. No shell games to give “District of Corruption” more spending money.


Rand is NOTHING like his Dad Ron.


# – # – # – # – #