HISTORICAL: 71st Anniversary of D-Day


Commemorating the 71st Anniversary of D-Day and the Museum’s 15th Anniversary

In fact, the institution we now know as The National WWII Museum was once dedicated entirely to the story of D-Day in Normandy. With founder (and noted author) Stephen E. Ambrose at the helm, it opened in June 2000 in New Orleans—home of shipbuilder Andrew Higgins, whose production of the amphibious Higgins Boats led Eisenhower to describe him as “the man who won the war for us.” Now 15 years later, The National WWII Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world, and home to historical collections and scholarship that span the entire scope of America’s WWII story. The Museum is also a center for ongoing research and outreach, innovating every day to reach students, teachers, veterans, and visitors like never before.

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I wonder how many people will remember the slaughter on the beaches.

And this was against a weakened Germany that was bled by their Russian disaster.

How was history changed by this blood letting?

And blame it all on Wilson and FDR.


Also “We, The Sheeple” have learned nothing from all these wars.

Seems like a good anniversary to bring all the girls and boys home now.

Requiescat In Pacem

Dona Nobis Pacem

Let’s not forget!

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