POLITICAL: First Amendment and Washington Metro


The Volokh Conspiracy
‘[W]e know what happens when you criticize Muhammad, we know how some people react to that’

By Eugene Volokh May 29 at 9:45 AM

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U.S. News (Steven Nelson) reports:

“The mass transit authority that oversees commuter buses and trains in the nation’s capital is banning issue-oriented ads for the remainder of the year after receiving an ad proposal featuring a cartoon of Muhammad, Islam’s central figure.”

The cartoon that prompted the decision was apparently this one, a combination of an earlier cartoon by artist Bosch Fawstin with the addition of the caption “Support Free Speech,” and the American Freedom Defense Initiative logo:

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but that’s not good enough.

They were taking ads up until they got one that was a “hot grounder”.

As part of the Gooferment, they don’t get to censor speech. 

This issue was tried up in NYC and the First Amendment won.

As a pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I get “offended” all the time.

Politician corruption offends me, but I have to “tolerate” it.


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