NEWJERSEY: NJ parents abdicate to the police

Fearful NJ Parents Freak Out, Trigger Lockdown Over School Play Prop
Posted by Bob Owens on February 12, 2015 at 2:11 pm

*** begin quote ***

A prop gun sparked a brief lockdown at Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, New Jersey, police say.

A student came to school on Knickerbocker Road this morning carrying a prop rifle for the school’s production of Hello Dolly, police said.

Some parents saw her and thought the gun was real, and they alerted authorities.

Police identified the girl within 10 minutes of responding to the scene.

*** end quote ***

It took ten minutes to id her?


In any event, how many would have been dead in those minutes (i.e., time to respond and time to find).

<<Remember the bumpersticker: “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.>>

And, where were the brainiac parents? 

After calling the police, if my child was in that school, then I’d have been over there to “speak” with “gun toter”.

Assuming it was pointed at anyone, it would have been a short conversation.

Assuming it was, I have done my best imitation of Richard Marvin Butkus. (Arguably the meanest middle linebacker to play “American” football.)

Instead, the parents were content to go on their way and leave it to the police to clean up the mess?

Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee is sadly going in the wrong direction.

3 thoughts on “NEWJERSEY: NJ parents abdicate to the police

  1. I can understand the concerned parents calling the police. Things often go wrong when people try to take matters into their own hands, with no professional training or experience. And as for the police taking 10 minutes to id her after arriving on the scene, they apparently only knew a student had a gun. I think 10 minutes is pretty quick considering the circumstances. For example, do you just start barging into classrooms, one at a time looking for a gun toting child? Don’t you think it would involve going to the school office, and coordinating with the principal there on how to find the child? I can just hear the public outcry and lawsuits if the police had just rushed in and started looking on their own.

  2. Remember being involved in two plays in High School where real rifles were used as props. Then again, there was even a real rifle club and team on campus using real bullets. The Campus ROTC unit drilled with real rifles too. . Somehow nobody ever got shot. Wonder why?

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