MONEY: Having a pantry and a garden might be a good hedge for the future

Survivalist, Prepper or Housewife?
by Katherine Grossman • November 4, 2012

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The average American housewife for most of the 20th century didn’t work for wages. Food, clothing and shelter were her specialties. She knew how to cook, sew family clothing, kill and dress a chicken and get by without electricity or indoor plumbing if she had to. She had a full pantry, backyard garden, raised her own children and had plenty of time for her outside interests and community. She also didn’t have a car payment, a TV, credit card debt and managed to marry and stay married.

The average American housewife from 1920 – 1970 would today be considered a survivalist. For many of you reading this, your great-grandma was a hard-core prepper.

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I humorously shared this with all the “gals” I know.

I remember my Great Aunt Marion and her basement full of “stuff” — wrote about it in CHURCH. It was impressive.

I was told that my paternal Grandmother Reinke in Portland had a prodigious pantry, “root cellar”, and “cold storage” that was under her log cabin house and it was actually bigger than the house. This was the woman who didn’t have electricity until the 50’s and a frider until the 60’s.

I often rant on my blog that it takes “two income families” today because one person works to pay the taxes.

Not sure if we can EVER regain our lost freedoms. Not sure if we can ever get back to simpler times. But, I am sure that there will be hard times ahead.

Having a pantry and a garden might be a good hedge to have.

(Marge François is the only one I know who has the knowledge and skills to pull that off. Maybe I can induce her to move to New Hampshire and join Kelly’s Dad raising more that purple potatoes.)


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