RANT: “Leave room for the Holy Ghost!”


Can You See Why School Administrators in Utah Had a Problem With 15-Year-Old’s Dress?
Jan. 28, 2015 1:28am Oliver Darcy

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Those rules include this section:

Formals, backless dresses and/or tops may not extend beyond the bottom of the shoulder blades. Girls’ dresses and tops must have a 2″ minimum strap on each shoulder. Shawls, boleros and other shrugs are acceptable if worn over the dress at all times. Cleavage covered.

Finlayson still argued that her dress, which was purchased in Paris, was modest in comparison to what other girls were wearing.

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What was the dress code for the “boys” blindfolds and mittens?

When I was young, the good Nuns and Brothers could chill the ardor of any boy with a mere glance. No codes required. 

“Leave room for the Holy Ghost!” was heard frequently.


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