INTERESTING: The Seahawks’ Play Calling

In Partial Defense of the Seahawks’ Play Calling

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The conclusion that run-pass-run is the best sequence is fairly robust against changes in the probability assumptions. If it’s wrong, it’s probably because of the assumption that run-run-run isn’t an option.The Seahawks’ decision to pass on second down wasn’t crazy, but a better choice would have been to pass on third down. Announcers who said “just run twice” were giving bad advice. The Seahawks didn’t make a terrible play call; they made a reasonable choice but were defeated by a great defensive play.

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I think this analysis over looks that the NE Pats had timeouts.

I doubt Bill B would not try to save some time for a “Hail Mary” by Brady.

Hence a stuffed run, might get a “free” time out from NE.

Interesting discussion.

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