INSPIRATIONAL: Cheap housing

April 25th, 2014 at 7:39 am
Disposable Houses
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Here are a few reasons why having a disposable mindset may beneficial when it comes to real estate.

When moving across town, or to a new city, it makes much more sense to reprint a home in the neighborhood you want than to settle for what available.

Housing needs change as people move through different stages in life. Families with small kids need a different house than those with teens, and once kids move out, it changes again.

Whenever wind or hailstorms cause roof damage, it may be easier and cheaper to reprint a house than to repair it.

People who work from home can easily add an office or two when needed.

In places where flooding, fires, shifting soil, or termites cause major damage to buildings, the entire architecture can be reworked to compensate for those problems.

As people get older and no longer want to do steps, two story houses can be turned into ranch homes.

When driverless cars make owning cars obsolete, garages can be eliminated and reformed into other kinds of usable spaces.

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Given the movement to smaller micro housing, this is an amazing contribution to humanity.

It’s not that the McMansions are “bad”. They are just inefficient.

And, the debt one takes is just wrong.

Again the Gooferment’s “tax” “code” is the cause of the problem.

“tax” = theft

“code” = gibberish that is unintelligible to the average person

We need to level the playing field between savings and debt.

The Gooferment should be a “referee”; protecting the People. Not shearing the Sheeple!

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