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Friday, May 16, 2014

OpEdNews Op Eds 5/7/2014 at 14:28:58
Robbing Main Street to Prop Up Wall Street: Why Jerry Brown’s Rainy Day Fund Is a Bad Idea
By Ellen Brown (about the author)

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There is another alternative — one that California got very close to implementing in 2011, before Jerry Brown vetoed the bill. AB750, a bill for a feasibility study for a state-owned bank, passed both houses of the state legislature but the governor refused to sign it. He said the study could be done by the Assembly and Senate Banking Committees in-house; but 2-1/2 years later, no further action has been taken on it.

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That is not just California dreaming. There is already a highly successful precedent for the approach. North Dakota is the only state with its own state-owned depository bank, and the only state to fully escape the credit crisis. It has boasted a budget surplus every year since 2008, and its 2.6% unemployment rate is the lowest in the country. Contrast that to California’s, one of the highest.

In a 2009 interview, Bank of North Dakota President Eric Hardmeyer stated that when the dot-com bust caused North Dakota to go over-budget in 2001-02, the bank did act as a rainy day fund for the state. To make up the budget shortfall, the bank declared an extra dividend for the state (its owner), and the next year the budget was back on track. No massive debt accumulation, no Wall Street bid-rigging, no fraudulent interest-rate swaps, no bond vigilantes, no capital appreciation bonds at 300% interest.

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I think there is a HUGE barrier to establishing any “State Bank”.

The crony capitalists give campaign contributions. That’s the People’s tax money stolen by the Gooferment and transferred to Wall Street and Big Banks. And, portion is kicked back to the politicians and bureaucrats.

All very “legal”.

That’s what’s going to stop the “State Bank” movement cold!

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