POLITICAL: Treatment of the poor


Why Are the Poor and Minorities Less Likely to Vote?
Even when America’s underclass isn’t formally stripped of its ballot, a slew of barriers come between them and full representation and participation.
Clip Better   http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/01…

Interesting that the Gooferment “poverty programs” don’t distinguish the “takers and moochers” from the “truly needy”.

From my experiences with Homefront NJ, the “charity” people and Clients both felt that the State Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats were more interested in keeping the poor dependent.

Of course, Homefront NJ, (populated by a bunch of smart business women and some with Wall Street backgrounds), didm ’t want to keep help the same people. Put them on the “ladder of success”, show folks how to climb, and make sure they get going. Then move on to the next person to help.

The State, and to a lesser extent the Federal Gooferment, didn’t make that easier.


That’s why the Gooferment should try and do “welfare”, “charity”, or “help”!

Conflict of interests.

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