RECOMMENDED: “Jesus Loves Children”

I know the author and urge you to support him by buying a copy.

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As a fairly new parent, it was a bit difficult for me to explain to my 3 year-old who Jesus Christ or God is, why we celebrate Christmas, the need for daily prayers and the concept of creation. This Children’s book was my attempt as guided by the Holy Spirit to begin this rather uneasy explanation. This short story has helped me a lot each time I am asked “daddy, tell me more about Jesus”. Hope you find the perspective interesting. For me it reminded me that I needed to return to my first love with our Lord Jesus. It a good read for anyone irrespective of religion or faith.

Jesus Loves Children

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Please spread the word. 50% of the proceeds will go orphanages, the Poor and those in need.



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POLITICAL: Bernard von NotHaus, “Rosa Parks” opposing the FED

December 2013 Vol. 15 No. 12

Tortured Without Being Sentenced: Bernard von NotHaus

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Judy Shelton, a noted economist who knows which way is up, author of The Coming Soviet Crash (1989) and Money Meltdown (1994) that influenced my work on the Liberty Dollar, a longtime veteran of Washington, a friend who was an approved witness for my trial by not called to testify by my Dumb and Dumber attorneys and the first person to brand me as the “Rosa Parks of monetary policy,” has published a quick 68 page booklet, Fixing the Dollar Now.

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This fellow, Bernard von NotHaus, made a mistake. Poking the Banking Cartel, called the “Federal Reserve System” (i.e., the OPEC of money). Note that despite the name, it’s not “Federal”. It’s a private cartel!

And, as Bernard von NotHaus pointed out, the “dollar”, (technically The Federal Reserve Note), is NOT a store of value.

This is a direct assault on the wealth of the People. It hurts the “non-rich”, who have the capability of holding non-dollar denominated assets. The poor and those on fixed income, who have to spend most or all of their income, are paying the hidden taxes. And when they get a few dollars ahead, their savings are marginalized by low rates of return and the Fed’s printing press.

You have to hold gold, silver, nickels, or any asset that is not in “dollars”. Jury is still out on bit coins in my mind.


I call this political because Bernard von NotHaus is a political prisoner in limbo!

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