RECOMMENDED: “Jesus Loves Children”

I know the author and urge you to support him by buying a copy.

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As a fairly new parent, it was a bit difficult for me to explain to my 3 year-old who Jesus Christ or God is, why we celebrate Christmas, the need for daily prayers and the concept of creation. This Children’s book was my attempt as guided by the Holy Spirit to begin this rather uneasy explanation. This short story has helped me a lot each time I am asked “daddy, tell me more about Jesus”. Hope you find the perspective interesting. For me it reminded me that I needed to return to my first love with our Lord Jesus. It a good read for anyone irrespective of religion or faith.

Jesus Loves Children

Title ID: 4607213

ISBN-13: 978-1494926861


Electronic Copy Available at the Kindle Store and Amazon website at:

Book Print available at the CreateSpace Store at:

Book Print will be available at Amazon worldwide on 1/22/2014.

The Expanded Distribution to stores, Libraries and others in 8 weeks.

Please spread the word. 50% of the proceeds will go orphanages, the Poor and those in need.



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