GOVERNACIDE: Stalin DID order the Katyn massacre; FDR covered it up

Stalin DID order the execution of 3,500 Polish soldiers according to newly discovered testimony of U.S. officer who watched Nazis exhume the bodies

U.S. researcher Krystyna Piorkowska found testimony from U.S. Lt Col John H Val Vliet from May 1945
In the statement he says he witnessed Nazis exhuming the bodies of 3,500 Polish soldiers killed under Stalin

Vliet’s testimony fuels speculation that the U.S. tried to cover up the genocide to keep the Soviets on their side for the end of the war

PUBLISHED: 02:12 EST, 9 January 2014 | UPDATED: 06:00 EST, 9 January 2014

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Another report that Van Vliet made a few days later in Washington is considered missing. This has fueled speculation that the U.S. government helped cover up Soviet responsibility for the massacre out of fear that saying the truth would anger Stalin, whom the Allies were counting on to help them defeat Germany and Japan in World War II.

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How far has the Gooferment strayed from morality?

When you sleep with the Devil, you become one.

FDR may have crept up a little on my “worst President” list. 


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