GOLD: Smuggling into India is akin to drugs in prisons

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November 16, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is known for a lot of things– quintessential white sandy beaches, hard partying nightlife, quiet Buddhist reverence…

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And now, thanks to India’s sagging economy, they can add one more to this list: gold smuggling.

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This constitutes theft, plain and simple. By eliminating options to hold anything other than rapidly depreciating paper, Indian politicians essentially stole the purchasing power of people’s savings

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The World Gold Council recently released its quarterly data on global trends, and the numbers are very clear: India’s gold demand cratered, dropping 32% because of the restrictions.

In Thailand, however, gold demand is up 125% from the 3rd quarter of 2012.

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Yup. The Gooferment can’t print any more commodities. Fiat currencies always go to zero.

Drugs in prisons. Humans are nature’s version of rats and roaches in a larger size.

Best way to get something done is to tell someone they can’t!

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