POLITICAL: Thoughts about Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend, a time to goof off. 

Perhaps think about the essence of labor? Where we extract our sustinence from a cruel hard world. Such is our lot in life.

I joke with my much younger coworkers that what we do can’t be considered “work”.

The construction worker, the gardener, even the cooks in the cafeteria are “working”.

Paper pushing and keyboard tapping aren’t “work” in the same sense.

But what the division of labor and trade in a free market have given us has been taken away by the rise of “drones”.

Look around at what people “do” to make a living: paper pushing and key tapping is “work” in comparison to the politicians and bureaucrats. What I’d call the “Political Class”.

They make a living by telling their inferiors what to do. Right out of the Prussian School Model.

How did the workers let themselves get exploited by yet another set of “bosses”?

I think it was the adulteration of money that led everyone into a sense of complacency.

When the “dollar” was as good as gold, things were a lot different. The FDR gold theft allowed the common man to be taxed silently without his recognition. Withholding was a similar strategy. As was “social security insurance”. Debt. All frauds intended to steal the seed corn of future generations. 

Leaving them impoverished, while the past generations of politicians and bureaucrats feathered their nests.

How does it change?

I’m not sure. They say that admitting the problem is the first step towards a solution.

I admit that we have problem; does anyone else?

Happy Labor Day, fellow serfs.

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