SERVICE: LastPass offers Grid Multifactor Authentication to free Users

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At LastPass, we strongly encourage our users to take advantage of our multifactor authentication options. Multifactor authentication requires the user to present both username/password and information from another, often physical, item. This means that if a hacker gets your password, they are still unable to access your LastPass account without this second factor.

LastPass offers multifactor authentication as a Premium feature, but we also believe that everyone should be protected online, so we have created the Grid Multifactor Authentication as a feature available to both Premium and non-Premium users.

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Another service beefs up security.

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One thought on “SERVICE: LastPass offers Grid Multifactor Authentication to free Users

  1. While I find the proliferation of security measures on the Internet annoying in the extreme. Given the amount of time I spend on the net every day, I have to admit that they do have some degree of validity in terms of the need for them.

    Just yesterday while looking at a bank account to determine if I had enough money and it to cover a bill. I found a charge from two days earlier for $7.81. The charge came from something called and when I looked at the website. It was clear that there was nothing I would have purchased from there during that period or any other that I could remember my life!

    I have no idea how they managed to get whatever information they needed in order to make such a charge, and when I checked their name through Google (go ahead, give it a try yourself). I found literally hundreds upon hundreds of similar complaints! This company seems to simply charge thousands of individuals amounts ranging from $6-$12 at random and I imagine that for many people faced with credit card bills and bank statements comprising scores or hundreds of entries the small charges simply get overlooked. But given the hundreds of complaints lodged and recorded in Google. I have a hard time seeing how these people are not sitting in a jail someplace.

    So, yes, while I think the security measures are annoying, I guess they are needed, unfortunately.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Peace Studies, 1973

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