RANT: It’s just a little loss of service!

Argh! I don’t feel “valued”!?

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Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

We are contacting you to provide information on some upcoming changes to the Premier and Extreme HD FiOS TV channel line-ups that will affect you. The changes will be effective on or after July 23, 2012 and are being made to better streamline and consolidate FiOS TV programming. Please refer to the chart below for the specific changes.

Current FiOS TV Channel Current Programming Change Effective on or after July 23, 2012
106 CNBC World Channel will be removed from FiOS TV Premier and Extreme HD
226 MNET Channel will be removed from FiOS TV Extreme HD

The most current FiOS TV listings are available at verizon.com/fiostvchannels. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the very best entertainment.


Your Verizon Team

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RANT: On the “death penalty”


Reinke: ‘This is not a normal day’ – Eye On Boise – Spokesman …

Reinke: ‘This is not a normal day’
Posted by Betsy
June 12, 2012 8:10 a.m. – Updated: 8:11 a.m.

*** begin quote ***

“We’re here today to carry out the court order,” Idaho state Corrections Director Brent Reinke announced to the press this morning at an early-morning briefing, …

*** end quote ***

Nuremberg is a city in the German state of Bavaria, in the administrative region of Middle Franconia. Situated on the Pegnitz river and the Rhine–Main–Danube.

The Nuremberg defense: “I was just following orders.”

Didn’t work for the Nazis!

I follow the news about all my “kinsmen”. While not the most uncommon name in the world, I don’t know ANY other related “reinke’s”. And, only a few unrelated Jaspers who share the name. (I try not to embarrass them for the purposes of a Google search.)

This saddens me.

Where does the State ever get right to kill its “citizens” in cold blood? One libertarian philosopher I read once made the case that in RARE  instances, it might be justifiable, if the human represented a “clear and present” danger to society (i.e., a Doctor Hannibal Lecture that was too dangerous to confine). But that would be an extreme rarity. 

I’m hard pressed to find this comparable to that.

IF faced with such a “duty”, I’d have to resign.

Makes me think of Saint Thomas Moore.

“And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?” Paul Scofield as Thomas More in “A Man for All Seasons” (1966)

So would you, could you kill a fellow human being, no matter how flawed. If the Eastern philosophers are correct, we are all but “fingers” on the same “hand”.

Would you cut off one of your fingers without a very very very good reason?

And the death penalty is as final as we can get. No eraser can make it right.

Nope, sorry, this is “wrong” by any standard I can find.

And, if an individual doesn’t have the right to do it, then creating a mob or a Gooferment doesn’t change the calculus.

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FUN: Root to kill “Dad John Carter!”

Was tired this morning. Stayed up to watch the two hour premiere of Falling Skies.

Not sure if I liked it.

Can’t we “kill off” “john carter” and all the Hollywood stereotypes? Some of the characters are distracting.

Like the little kid shooting a souped up AR15.

Yeah, right!

More likely than killing the alien, he’d have done us all a great service and killed his “dad john carter”.

I’ve shot a plain old ar15. It has kick like a mad child. It tends to rise. So the kid would be on his A Double Q with flash impaired vision and gunfire deafness. The only way he get the alien is when the slug shot up would come down like a mortar round!

Personally, I could cheer: (a) the kid’s wild fire kills “john carter”; (b) the alien kills “john carter”; or © the returning to earth slug kill everyone.

Anyone else rooting for the aliens over the formulaic Hollywood writers?

Probably should stop now befre I become “Politcally Incorrect”!

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Blood Drive July 1, 2012 in 08810

ADMINISTRIVIA: Blood Drive July 1, 2012 in 08810

FROM Reinke, F. John:

HI everyone it is time for the Second Annual Blood Drive

In Memory of Evlynn Reinke- Please join us on July 1, 2012 – 9 AM to 1:30 PM at St Cecilia’s RC Church -10Kingston Lane, Monmouth Jct. NJ

Please spread the word as we try to give back what was given to Evlynn in her time of need!

If you can not make it to this one – there will be another one one 7/20/12 –
Midco Waste a Div of- Republic Services 5 Industrial Drive, New Brunswick NJ
from 11:00 to 4:00 – hope to see you there!

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Evlynn received 125 pints of blood and 75 bags of platelets in the last year of her live as the doctor tried to buy her enough time for them to find an answer. As you know or can guess, time ran out. Personally, I’ve replaced about ½ of the platelets used. So far, others have donated 20 pints. Some beautiful people made the donations that allowed my beloved to survive year. Her family and friends are try to give that stuff “back” for someone else’s life. I was super impressed that the docs and hospital would just pour it in without hesitation. It always amazed me.

If you can’t join us, then give where you can. It’s more of a “spiritual effort” anyway. I’m the only one keeping count. Hate to leave the game “owing”, I’d guess it’s a corporal work of mercy.

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FUN: Bomb Diggity


1. Bomb Diggity 381 60

totally the awesomest, no lie

aw man rachel is beyond the bomb diggity

By Richard Maldonado

2. Bomb Diggity 233 64

Awesomeness in its purest form.


By Gabriel Putman

3. Bomb Diggity 146 58

“somthing that is cool or just the shit”

“Damn man, that trick was bomb diggity!”

By Gene Hulse

4. Bomb Diggity 77 61

the coolest, hippest, wannabewith person

Shannon blew him away. He thought she was the bomb diggity.

By William Long

5. Bomb Diggity 29 18

Cool; Hott; Sexy; Off the Chain!!

That milf is the Bomb Diggity

By Matthew Johnson

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(self praise stinks)

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INTERESTING: SO much to do; so little time


*** begin quote ***

Eight Space Firsts

While Star Trek famously proclaimed space to be the “final frontier,” there are, in fact, many unexplored frontiers. Here are a few space-related “firsts” that come to mind:

First person on Mars
First person to set foot on an asteroid
First person to travel at the speed of light
First space hotel
First person to set foot on the Sun (No, I’m not volunteering!)
First President of the Moon
First space-based power station
First to develop an inexpensive way to escape earth’s orbit

*** end quote ***

I found this exciting!

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