INTERESTING: Taylor Swift “does” WalMart and imho makes a rare blunder

Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift Go to Work for Wal-Mart (watch)
By TheImproper, June 2nd, 2012

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Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift were Wal-Mart employees for a day, but you can bet they made more than minimum wage without health benefits. The duo and other stars were paid to perform at the retail giant’s annual …

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I’m surprised for a social media maven, Miss Swift, who made her mark by pioneering on MySpace / Facebook / Twitter AND who usually has great rapport for her fans, lets her “label” block this video.

It is a stunning failure.

Let’s not kid anyone, she’s the prize “cow” in their “barn”. You tell me if she pitches a hissey fit — which I have never heard of her doing — that they won’t do what she wants?


Just doing that ONCE for the FIRST time would even make a bigger impact on the “label”. Bet that would be online in two shakes of an inet admin in one hand and graphic artist in another. THe label head would be grabbing huevos to please the prize “cow”!

Please!?! <<making a real prune face in disbelief!>>

I also read that the “label” was concerned that performing for WalMart might damage her “image”. I think trying to “kinda partially hide” is a bigger dent.

She has slipped a couple of notches in this old Swiftie’s estimation. She’s generally pretty astute and comes across as caring. I’ve no way of knowing, but that’s the image that they seek to project.

Restricting the video is contrary to that image.

imho …

… but then I’m just a fat old white guy injineer, who thinks that WalMart for all it’s faults and flaws ain’t Amerika’s biggest problem. (Politicians are!)

Come on, Miss Taylor, free the video.

p.s., We now know why she couldn’t go to that sick kid’s prom. Boy! Have some WalMArt marketing execs missed a HUGE opportunity? I can think of a half dozen ways to spin this into a BIG win for everyone!

Dumb seems to be going around lately.

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