RANT: On Faithful


Manvotional: Be Faithful
by Brett & Kate McKay on January 28, 2012

From Courage, 1894
By Charles Wagner

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Nothing is so difficult as to remain faithful. At each step of the way outside influences are brought to bear upon us to make us deviate or retrograde. And if there were only difficulties from without, it would not matter so much; but there are those from within. Our dispositions vacillate. We promise one thing with the best intentions in the world; but when the time comes to keep it, everything is changed–the circumstances, men, ourselves; and what duty demands of us seems so different from what we had foreseen, that we hesitate. Those who will fulfill on a rainy day a promise which they have made on a sunny one, are few and far between.

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Like to think I have that quality. Evidence? A forty year marriage.

I’ve seen men desert their posts.

In school. In the military. In politics. In marriages. In jobs. In their own personal life.

No sense going though the litany.

My own Dad deserted my Mom and me.

Now, “Shoulda, coulda, and woulda!” thinking would put me wondering what might have been. I could have been normal.

But, that’s water under and lost milk.

Maybe that’s what stuck in my brain. Making me the slug I am.

“So every hand to his rope or gun. Quick is the word and sharp is the action. …” — Captain Jack Aubrey in “Master and Commander”

That’s what being a man is all about.

And, despite what the TV commercials tell us (i.e., men are stupid clueless idiots), we are still needed for the survival of the species and the rearing of children.


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RANT: FBN is reporting Corzine’s MFGLOBAL 1.2B$ “vaporized”; gone forever

RANT: FBN (Fox Business News) on the IMUS show is reporting Corzine’s MFGLOBAL 1.2B$ “vaporized”; gone forever

How does 1.2B$ disappear?

… in a modern financial enterprise?

… why isn’t Corzine under arrest for fraud?

… where are the lawsuits?

… where’s the outrage?

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INSPIRATIONAL: A dozen differences


January 23rd, 2012 at 11:40 amTop 12 things successful people do differently than the rest of us
in: Analysis, Business, People Making a Difference

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Over the years I’ve studied the lives of numerous successful people. I’ve read their books, watched their interviews, researched them online, etc. And I’ve learned that most of them were not born into success; they simply did, and continue to do, things that help them realize their full potential. Here are twelve things they do differently that the rest of us can easily emulate.

1. They create and pursue S.M.A.R.T. goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

2. They take decisive and immediate action.

3. They focus on being productive, not being busy.

4. They make logical, informed decisions.

5. They avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect.

6. They work outside of their comfort zone.

7. They keep things simple.

8. They focus on making small, continuous improvements.

9. They measure and track their progress.

10. They maintain a positive outlook as they learn from their mistakes.

11. They spend time with the right people.

12. They maintain balance in their life.

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This blows me away. Wish I could be like that. Should print it and put it on my bathroom wall. Right next to the affirmation: “I’m thin at heart.”

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