LIBERTY: Is the “Free Press” on the people’s side?

Are The Mainstream Media and The State One and the Same?
by Nick Sorrentino

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What would have happened if Goldman, and JP, and Barclays went under along with the other big banks? Yes, there would have been huge disruption. There would have been a very sharp shot to the economy for sure.  We would have had a “depression.”  And there would have been many destroyed bankers littering the alleyways of New York. They leveraged up, and then they paid the price. Now we can move on.

But we haven’t been able to move on. The Blankfiens and Dimons of the world sent the word out. Capitalism be damned! Print, print, print!

This has kept the same crew that was in power prior to the collapse remaining in power. And even when they mess up again, despite all the free money,  these guys are untouchable. Why in God’s name is Corzine running around looking at new villas in the South of France? There is $1.2 billion of his client’s money that just “disappeared.” He co-mingled the MF Global’s funds with his clients in a last ditch effort to save his posterior and now that money is gone. Where are the leg irons? Oh I’m sorry, anyone who was up for Treasury Secretary is above the law we should know that by now.

But that’s part of Smith’s point. The media has been so well trained to avoid the real issues that the American public just stumbles along in sort of a light drunken haze. It’s more pleasant than reality but the buzz will wear off eventually. The question is if it will wear off before or after everything we once loved about America is gone.

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First Amendment was to give “We, The Sheeple” an ally in keeping the Gooferment under control.

Like the Gooferment, it has been captured by the global elite.

No wonder we can’t catch a break. The deck is stack against the People.


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